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Caracteristici Tehnice:

  • solutia ideala pentru cei care isi doresc calitatea germana la preturi accesibile.
  • 70 mm latime;
  • Profile 5 camere;
  • Profile ecologice (nu contin plumb) -certificare GreenLine;
  • Coeficient de transfer termic: K = 1.3 W/mpK;
  • Baghete de geam cu garnitura coextrudata;
  • 2 garnituri (interior – exterior).


Caracteristici Tehnice:

  • 88 mm latime profil
  • Profile 6 camere;
  • Profile ecologice ( nu contin plumb ) – certificare GreenLine;
  • Ofera posibilitatea montarii garniturii de mijloc;
  • Grosimea geamului de 44 mm – tripan;
  • Coeficientul de transmisie termica: Uf = 0.92 W/(m2K).

Sistem Cor-60


Sistem Cor-70


Cor-Galicia Premium


Cor-Vision Coulissant



pr 40

PR 40 Thermo


Sistem de glisante din profile cu bariera termica si etansare pe garnituri avand drept rezultat o izolare termica foarte buna. Cerceveaua executa o miscare de ridicare glisare prin intermediul unui mecanism special pentru a asigura un grad sporit de etanseitate.

Caracteristici principale pentru PR40 Thermo:
Lift sliding mecanism GOS de la GIESSE pentru o foaie mobila cu greutatea de pana la 200 kg ;
Latime foaie mobila 40mm;
Protectia impotriva infiltratiilor e asigurata de un pachet de 2 garnituri EPDM ;
Posibilitate de inchidere multipunct ;
Coeficient de izolare termica: Uf=3.0W/(MP*K) ;

Sistemul PR40 este certificat ROSENHEIM cu nr. 12-003432-PR01.



Sistemele cu întreruperea puntii termice au fost proiectate pentru a îmbunătăţi condiţiile de izolare termica şi fonica.
In acest fel se reduce considerabil transferul de căldură de la interior spre exterior sau invers

Caracteristici de baza pentru sistemul PR63

  • Cercevea cu adancime de 63mm
  • Se pot folosi vitraje cuprinse intre 10-42mm
  • Poliamida de 24mm
  • Coeficientul de transfer termic este:Uf=2.7W/(MP*K)
  • Protectia impotriva infiltratiilor e asigurata de un pachet de 3 garnituri EPDM(garnitur exterioara,centrala si de interior)
  • Feroneria uitilizata pentru ferestre si usi este LAVAAL iar pentru usi armonice este GU

Sistemul PR63 este certificat ROSENHEIM cu nr. 12-003432-PR03


Glisanta cu bariera/PR40 Thermo New Lift-Slide


The new thermal break system by PROFILCO, PR40 Thermo is the outcome of three companies’ cooperation that covers all demands of lift sliding constructions.
The object of this cooperation is the creation of a thermal break lift-sliding / sliding system for manufacturing waterproof low cost constructions.

PR 40 uses waterproof rubbers in case of lift sliding constructions and brushes in case of simple sliding constructions. The final consumer has the possibility with economic way to have in their house lift-sliding or sliding constructions, successive sliding windows or inside-wall or all of these with the same visual result. The systems’ significant advantage is the T-REX plug by GIESSE which retains the water outflow in successive constructions while maximizes thermal properties of windows at the most difficult point: the connection of the hook profiles.

Main Characteristics of PR40 Thermo:

  • Lift sliding mechanism GOS of GIESSE for sash weight 200 or 80 kg with the use of the same profile.
  • Low height of drivers 40mm.
  • Sash width 40mm.
  • Reliable mechanism with low cost.
  • Plugs and damping stopper are designed by GIESSE ensuring high performance of waterproof and operation of sliding construction.
  • Special designed drainage plugs (T-REX) in case of successive constructions which ensure the water out flow. The referential plugs (T-REX) increase the thermal break properties of successive constructions at the most crucial point: the connection of hook profiles.
  • Waterproof rubbers used in case of lift sliding constructions or brushes in case of simple sliding constructions.
  • Multiple locking with striking plates which are flat with the drivers.
  • Ability to use chremone, handle or cup handle.
  • Possibility of creating successive and inside-wall lift sliding – as well as – simple sliding constructions.
  • Using the same aluminium profiles, the manufacturer can create lift sliding or simple sliding constructions. This means that in the same space can be placed sliding and lift sliding constructions with the same appearance but with different operation.


PROFILCO S.A continuing the effort to offer to the constructors high quality aluminium systems,has sign a deal with the German company SYKON for the production and the merchandise of SYKON’s systems in countries that PROFILCO has a sales network. SYKON is one of the oldest aluminium system companies which designs and trades its aluminium systems in the German market.

PROFILCO produces and supplies the thermal break system SYKOTHERM 70 in the market which responds to the specifications of DIN-ENV.
The architects and the aluminium constructors can have now a high specification system which can be used in new buildings or in renovated buildings.

System constuctions
The thermal break system SYKOTHERM 70 of SYKON for windows and doors responds completely to the international standards of quality control .
The heat insulation coefficient is achieved with the multi-chamber polyamide. The SYKOTHERM 70 of SYKON is the most appropriate solution for heavy constructions of high specifications, because of the fact that the combination of weight, quality, technical solutions of heat insulations and static solutions is one of the best in Europe. The gaskets are made of EPDM, a material which is tough in time and weather conditions according to the standard DIN 7863.
Sykotherm series 70 of SYKON is suitable for opening, tilt and turn and tilt and sliding constructions.
The opening and the tilt and turn mechanisms are distinguished in two categories

  • Conventional mechanisms in which the hinges are and
  • Mechanism where the hinge is not visibleThe accessories of SYKON have the trademark of the company as also they have a colour certification from RAL.

Except the windows SYKON offers special designed profiles for entrance doors opening inwards or outwards, as well as folding doors.
The polyamide with the two chambers ensures heat insulation without the limitation of needed space for accessories like multiple locks, electric opening panic bars etc.
Basic characteristics of windows

  • Polyamide 36 mm with three chambers
  • Heat insulation according the standard DIN V 4108-4 :2002-02 with heat insulation coefficient Uf=1,8 W/(m2*K)
  • Sound-proof in category ÉV according the standard DIN 4109
  • Anti-burglar category WK1 êáé WK2 according DIN ENV 1627
  • Frame’s basic width 70 mm, sash’s 80mm and depending on the static needs of the construction mullion’s width up to145mm.
  • Single and double leaf windows, opening right or left, inwards and outwards with tilt and turn or tilt and sliding mechanisms.
  • The accessories are made of stainless steel, handles from aluminium or polyamide in many shapes with or without lock.
  • Windows with mechanism in which the hinge is not visible.
  • Tilt and turn mechanisms for curved or beveled windows.
  • The profiles are produced according to standard DIN17 615 ,from alloy Al Mg Si 0.5 EQ according DIN 1725.
  • The gaskets as also the vulcanised corners are according DIN 7863
  • Special profiles for angles 90°, 135° and 180°
  • Frames can embrace glazing up to 51mm and the sashes can embrace glazing up to 61mm
  • Surfaces anodized or colour coated even in two colour profile because the assembly of thermal break can occur after their colouration.

Usa armonica PR48

PR48 is a completely new system which has the same design with all PROFILCO’s systems and can provide ergonomy. It is ideal for big openings in hotels, houses and entertainment places.
The sliding of the guidance mechanism is made with 4 rollers in a special designed internal driver in order that the system works perfect and noiseless.
PR48 uses two weather gaskets which offer the maximum seal.
The assembling is made easy and quickly which give to the constructors suppleness. One advantage that PR48 has is the construction of odd or even opening leafs, left or right opening, inwards or outwards which accomplish all the architectural demands. With the use of a single cornice profile which covers any mistakes in the opening’s construction and with the use of two special adjustable regulators the construction can be leveled perfectly.
PR48 can embrace glazing up to 30 mm. Finally the machining of the profiles is made to the existent AT038-102 which is used for all the series of PROFILCO.

Facade Intercalaire

Cortizo – Facade intercalaire


Profilco – PR50 Standard

System for exterior cover of buildings . It is designed in three basic types standard, semistructrural and structural.

PR 50 ensures absolute waterproof , heat insulation and noise reduction

Basic features PR50

  • Many types of external cover with round, oval, traditional, semi structural and structural provide solutions in every architectural requirements.
  • The width of the mullion is 50 mms in order to offer better brightness in our area.
  • Embraces double grazing 10-32mm
  • Big variety of mullions and transoms can satisfy statically all the architectural requirements.
  • The connection between the transoms and the mullions becomes by covering which ensures the flow of water to the exterior of the building.
  • Transoms can be connected externally and internally of the building.
  • Poliamides of 10 and 16 mm with fibres of glass ensure the most excellent heat insulation and decrease the functional expenses of building.
  • Special designed drainage plugs can be installed to the connections of the mullions, and with the use of butyl tape and EPDM gaskets, ensure the completely tightness of the system.
  • Special constructions as roofs, atriums, pyramids are made without weldings easily and fast with special profiles and the special joints of the system.