- Profilco – PR50 Standard -

System for exterior cover of buildings . It is designed in three basic types standard, semistructrural and structural.

PR 50 ensures absolute waterproof , heat insulation and noise reduction

Basic features PR50

  • Many types of external cover with round, oval, traditional, semi structural and structural provide solutions in every architectural requirements.
  • The width of the mullion is 50 mms in order to offer better brightness in our area.
  • Embraces double grazing 10-32mm
  • Big variety of mullions and transoms can satisfy statically all the architectural requirements.
  • The connection between the transoms and the mullions becomes by covering which ensures the flow of water to the exterior of the building.
  • Transoms can be connected externally and internally of the building.
  • Poliamides of 10 and 16 mm with fibres of glass ensure the most excellent heat insulation and decrease the functional expenses of building.
  • Special designed drainage plugs can be installed to the connections of the mullions, and with the use of butyl tape and EPDM gaskets, ensure the completely tightness of the system.
  • Special constructions as roofs, atriums, pyramids are made without weldings easily and fast with special profiles and the special joints of the system.

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