- Usa armonica PR48 -

PR48 is a completely new system which has the same design with all PROFILCO’s systems and can provide ergonomy. It is ideal for big openings in hotels, houses and entertainment places.
The sliding of the guidance mechanism is made with 4 rollers in a special designed internal driver in order that the system works perfect and noiseless.
PR48 uses two weather gaskets which offer the maximum seal.
The assembling is made easy and quickly which give to the constructors suppleness. One advantage that PR48 has is the construction of odd or even opening leafs, left or right opening, inwards or outwards which accomplish all the architectural demands. With the use of a single cornice profile which covers any mistakes in the opening’s construction and with the use of two special adjustable regulators the construction can be leveled perfectly.
PR48 can embrace glazing up to 30 mm. Finally the machining of the profiles is made to the existent AT038-102 which is used for all the series of PROFILCO.

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